Lake Hopatcong Darting Association


BY-LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS ARTICLE 1: NAME: The name of the organization shall be the “LAKE HOPATCONG DARTING ASSOCIATION, INC.” Also known as the LHDA. The governing board shall be known as the board. The LHDA will be governed under the rules and regulations of the LHDA By-laws.
ARTICLE 2: OBJECTIVES: Section 1: The objectives of the LHDA shall be to promote competitive darts, coordinate activities and functions relating to darts, sanction league play according to rules in effect, and establish friendly relations with similar organizations. Section 2: The LHDA shall be a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization and shall not be ethnically or sexually discriminate. Section 3: LHDA may be ADO sanctioned with general meeting approval. All non-league rules will then fall under the ADO guidelines. Section 4: No live entertainment shall be permitted during a league match at a sponsor location. Exceptions can be made by the board.
ARTICLE 3: PLAYER FEES: Section 1: Nonrefundable membership, sponsor, and team fees shall be paid at the beginning of the season. A $10.00 initiation fee per person is due the night of the general membership meeting. Players’ fees are $80.00 for the winter and $35.00 for the summer seasons. These fees may be changed by a majority vote of members present at a general meeting. Amended on 08/23/12. 1 (a) As per a majority vote by the membership, board members are exempt from league dues as of 09/3/15. 2 (B) Fees that are not paid in full by the date set by the board will result in forfeiture of player’s stats. Stats that are forfeited will not be reinstated for any reason. Any issue concerning making of payments, should be sent to the league treasurer. Due date is November 19th. 2015 (C) The Captain will be responsible for getting all dues to the league treasure. Captains that are unable to comply with league rules will be removed from the position of team captain for the following year (D) Players that have not paid their dues in full by the above date, will forfeit all personal stats and the forfeited stats will not be reinstated. Players that do not pay their league dues in full, will not be eligible for the playoffs and will be considered in bad standing by the board. Those players will be required to pay the previous year’s dues along with their current dues in full, to be eligible to return to good standing. Revised 09/03/15 Section 2: A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 members will be allowed per team. Each membership fee shall be in accordance with Section 1. Sponsor fees are $50.00 per summer season and $175.00 per winter season per team. Total amount of the sponsor fees shall be determined by the board according to the budget needs of the season. A team may request to add an additional player above the 12th per board approval. Section 3: Sponsor’s may be members of a team, and must pay the membership fee. Section 4: Teams changing location during the course of a season must have prior board approval. The sponsorship fee must be paid by the new location. The members of such teams are only required to pay the Individual fee once. If a team need to relocate their location for a single match, only board approval is needed, no fees will be collected. The above two issues, all request will be directed to the league president. Revised 09/03/15
ARTICLE 4: MEMBERSHIP: Section 1: Membership is open to anyone who evidences interest in darts as a competitive sport and has reached the legal age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the State of New Jersey and is duly elected to membership in accordance with these by-laws. (B) Professional dart players are not allowed to be on a roster of any league team. The Board shall consist of 7 elected trustees. Sponsors are ineligible to be on the board due to a conflict of interest. Out of the 7 elected, officers will be appointed by the board. The board shall be 3 the governing body and will operate in the best interest of the league. Starting in 2010, the Vice President, By-Laws Trustee and Secretary positions will be on the ballot. 2011 the President, Treasurer and the other two trustee’s positions will be up for election. Each trustee to the board will have a two year term as voted on by the general membership on 09/17/09. (B) When a board member leaves the board for any reason during his/her term, the board has the approval to appoint a new member of the league that will take the open board position for the remainder of the dart year. (c) A board member may be voted out by the board if he/she is not contributing to the welfare of the league and the board. This vote must be a majority vote by all remaining members. (d) Any board member that is brought up on charges by another member or team will go through the same procedures as any other member and are not exempt from those by laws. 09/11/14 Section 2: Effective October 1989 the approved membership application will be the team roster submitted by the teams designated captain. The board has the authority to approve membership through the roster petition. In the event an applicant’s good standing is in question or outright denied by the board the procedure in Article 4 Section 3 (b) prevails. Section 3: Suspended and/or expelled members: (a) A suspended and/or expelled member seeking re-instatement must submit a membership petition in a form approved by the Governing Board. The petition must be accompanied with the membership fee, which shall be established from time to time by the governing board. If membership is not re-instated the membership fee will be refunded. (b) The governing board shall review the suspended or expelled membership petition and circulate for vote, the petitioned names to the team captains. The team captains shall review the petitions and submit the team vote with the next weekly mailing (score sheets). One vote per team will be accepted. A petition must receive seventy five percent (75%) affirmative votes of those team captains responding to the mailing to obtain membership. Team captains shall have seven days to respond to the mailing. Failure to receive a vote in the said time period will constitute of abstention on the part of the non-responding team. All petitioners shall be advised of the final vote within 21 days from the receipt of the re-instatement petition. Section 4: (a) Any new team location shall be voted upon at the annual general meeting and must receive a majority acceptance vote to be approved. A board member will conduct an on-site check of board placement and ceiling height. 4 (b) Board placement must have the bull to floor length at 5’8” and toe line must be 7’9 ¼” from the board face. Ceilings must be at least 8 feet high. In the event the hockey (Throw Line) is a tape or similar “flush” marking, the minimum throwing distance shall be measured from the front edge of the tape closest to the dartboard. (c) Any location with more than 2 teams must have the excess teams voted on each winter at the general meeting. Section 5: A membership may be terminated or restricted by the board if such member creates disharmony or behaves in a manner, which is prejudicial to order and discipline. The board’s decision may be appealed by the member concerned to a committee comprised of at least five neutral captains drawn by lot. During the appeal process the player may not be an active member. Such appeals must be in writing and have been received by a neutral board member (President if not personally involved as of 09/03/15) no later than seven days after the board’s ruling. The secretary shall be updated by the president and arrange for a location for such a meeting and notice shall be sent to the neutral captains within three days of receipt of the appeal. The meeting must take place within ten days of receipt of the appeal. Section 6: Deadline for adding new members, A team may only add a player when approved by the board and the player will be able to compete in enough games to be eligible to make the playoffs. Example if the player needs 20 games to qualify the cut off would be 5 weeks prior to start of the playoffs. Revised 9/2017 The initiation fee must accompany the score sheet on the first night an added player shoots, after which the player will have a maximum of two weeks to submit the entire season’s membership fee, regardless of the number of weeks remaining in the season. Revised 09/03/15 Section 7: Good sportsmanship shall be the prevailing attitude from all members during all LHDA sponsored events. Members that are not permitted at a dart site, due to actions unbecoming by the owner of that establishment have NO right to protest the match or any future match that might be scheduled at that location. Section 8: Unsportsmanlike Conduct: (a) A complaint may be filed by a team captain. This complaint may be filed against any team or individual who exhibits conduct deemed unsportsmanlike in nature. If in the opinion of the board the complaint is justified a warning will be issued. A second offense may result in forfeiture of individual or team awards earned. A third offense will result in a League Suspension. All complaints are to be sent to the league secretary. 5 (b) The appeal process for Unsportsmanlike Conduct is the same as that outlined in Article 4 Section 5. (c) In accordance with Article 4 Section 5 the board may immediately expel or suspend any league member if in the board’s opinion, unsportsmanlike conduct is exhibited.
ARTICLE 5: MEETINGS: Section 1: Board meetings - such meetings shall be comprised of board members and invited guests only. Section 2: General meetings - a minimum of one general meeting per year shall be mandatory. One such meeting may be for the purpose of elections. Such a meeting must be announced by direct mail to all sponsoring establishments and to captains of record at least 7 days prior to such a meeting. Section 3: Special General Meetings - such a meeting may be called by any member and for a specific purpose only. The written specific purpose must be submitted to the League President prior to the meeting. No other business will be discussed at such meeting. Revised 09/03/15
ARTICLE 6: “THE TEAM”: Section 1: (a) The team match shall consist of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 12 players. (b) A team match legally starting with less than 6 players may play late players provided no more than 10 minutes has lapsed between games. (c) Line ups must be exchanged at starting time. Each captain must schedule a full sheet per round. If you have less than the needed number of players present you may schedule other players. The players not present have 10 minutes to start his/her game after the completion of the previous game. If that player does not arrive, that game in question will be forfeited. 6 (d) Line- up changes and substitutions may be made only with the consent of each captain. (e) No player may participate in more than 4 games per match. Any players that play in excess of 4 games will forfeit individual stats (wins) for a first offense. The 2nd offense will be a team forfeit. (f) Based on a majority vote, there will be no substitute players in the league. All shooters must pay the full annual fees. (g) If any team must play with 4 or less people they must notify the opposing captain of which matches he/she plans to forfeit. This will enable the team with all its players to play those members involved in any individual standing races. (h) Once the team’s roster is submitted at the General Meeting, the roster may not be amended until the start of the season. 08/23/12 Section 2: Time factors: (a) Matches are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night of each week. (b) Deadline for starting is 7:45 p.m. Forfeits will start after 7:45. If a starting lineup is not there by 8:00 (at least 4 People to start) Entire game may be forfeited, call Board member if this occurs before a full forfeit. The format of games is as follows: 3 games of 401 3 games of double cricket 3 games of 301 double in double out 6 games of single cricket 3 games of 501 As voted by the membership on 09/11/14 (c) No more than 15 minutes may elapse between sections of games IE 401 into Double Cricket. If this occurs, the opposing captain is eligible to accept a forfeit for that first game. The 10 minute clock would restart at that time for the remainder of the section. Section 3: Beginning the Match: 7 (a) Each player is allowed 9 practice darts each before each match is started. (b) All games begin by throwing for “cork” with the home team having choice to shoot it first or second. The player who throws closest to the cork will start the game... (c) Only players scheduled to play in the game may throw for cork (D). It is permissible for a member of the double’s team to throw the cork first and have his/her partner begin the match (e) Re-throws shall be called if the scorer cannot decide which dart is closest to the cork or if both darts in the outer bull (single bull). If the first player shoots a double bull, the second shooter may request to have the dart pulled before shooting. Double bull beats double bull, only when the first double bull is not pulled. If the double is removed by the second shooter, this will enable the second shooter only the opportunity for another re- throw. A single bull may not be pulled by the second shooter. Shooters shall reverse their throwing order each time a re-throw is necessary. Section 4: Match Play: (a) Player’s and the Chalker only are allowed inside playing area. (b) The scoreboard MUST be clearly visible in front of the player at the Hockey. (Throw line) (c) Opposing players must stand at least 1 foot BEHIND the player at the Hockey. (Throw Line) If the bar is not big enough to stand a foot behind the player you must stay out of the eyesight of the player throwing!! (d) It is permissible for a double team to participate with fewer than the required number of player’s (2), provided that team forfeits a turn in each rotation. The missing player may not join in once the game has started. (Playing with a forfeit) e) RESCHEDULED MATCHES - This is a Thursday Night League and a rescheduled match MUST BE approved by a BOARD member unless it is a weather related delay. (The League President can overrule a Board members approval.) Players on vacation, business trips, etc. DOES NOT represents a need to reschedule. All matches regardless of when the delay was (meaning later in the season) MUST be made up 2 weeks prior to the end of the regular season. The team that request for the match to be rescheduled is responsible for getting the match rescheduled. If they cannot for whatever reason they will receive a 0-24 loss if they cannot make up the match on an agreed upon date with the other team involved. Section 5: Scoring and Marking: 8 (a) The scorer for each game will be a person acceptable to both captains. (b) For a dart to score, it must remain in the board for 5 seconds after the third dart has been thrown by that player or removed by the thrower, whatever comes first. . (c) It is the responsibility of the player to verify his score before removing his/her darts from the board. The score remains as written if the thrower removes his/her darts from the board and the next shooter has thrown his/her first dart during a cricket match. In all 01 games the score can be corrected before the thrower shoots his/her darts. (d) The scorer, only upon request from the shooter, may inform the thrower what has been scored by his darts during the turn. The scorer “MAY NOT” advice the thrower of combinations (i.e. double-two, instead of four remains) or what score actually remains. It is permissible for the team captain to assist with “OUT” combinations even if that captain is the scorer. (e) Scores of 95 or better will be marked for individual tonnage records and a 5 count or better in cricket shall be recorded. (f) Scoring Cricket: Bulls eye: Single Bull = 2 Count Double Bull = 3 Count (g) All darts that are thrown during a turn will count. A player has bulls open and throws two double bulls he/she will be credited with a C-6. A player that throws 3 single bulls will be credited with a C-6. The only throw that can exceed a C-6, is when the throwers opponent has bulls open. The winning throw will be completed once the winning dart is thrown. Player is down on points and throws a triple 20 for points and a single bull will get a C-5, no matter what the difference in the score. Section 6: Reporting Results: (a) Both captains are responsible for the accuracy of the score sheet with their signature attesting to same. (b) Each captain must mail, e-mail or fax their score sheets to their respective statistician. Even if both teams playing have the same statistician. (c) Late score sheets are those that arrive to the statistician with a postmark later than the Saturday morning following a match. Score sheets arriving late will not count for individual statistical accomplishments for that upcoming week. Stats that arrive two weeks late will not be added to the individual stats. Please contact your statistician if you are having issues getting the stats on time. 9 **As a reminder if you have any concerns/problems with another team. Please talk to the other captain and try to resolve the issue with him/her first. If the problem cannot be worked out call a board member right away. So we can proceed accordingly. Sportsmanlike conduct is key!!**
ARTICLE 7: PLAYOFFS: Section 1: Playoff Procedures: (a) Playoff procedure will be decided by the league officers prior to the seasons start. (b) In the event that 2 or more teams are in the playoffs from the same location the following shall apply: (1) The team with the better record will play home. If the teams have the same record, the team in the higher conference will be home. If both teams are in the same conference, the team with the higher rating at the start of the season will be home. (2) The team without the better record will play at the opposing team’s location. (3) If the opposing team location has another playoff match scheduled and the bar can only hold one match, then the match will be moved to the location of the higher seeds choice (with board approval revised 09/03/15). If that location cannot be located or approved the match will be held at the lower seeds location. (4) If the above location has held two separate matches during the regular season, both teams will have the right to be home. (b) The top 8 teams in each of the three conferences will be eligible for the playoffs. If a team is in bad standing, that team will be replaced by the 9th seeded team in their division (revised 09/03/15) (c) ) will make the playoffs for the Summer Season; Seeding will be the same as the winter (d) players will need to play an average of one game per week to eligible to make a playoff roster. Example 20-week season would equal 20 games. Revised 9/2017 Players who fall short will have the right to request an exemption from the league board for certain reasons. Must be approved by majority of the board and will be decided case by case. Revised 08/28/13 Section 2: Tie-Breaker Rules: (a) Team standings are based upon a Win-Loss-Tie format. 10 Win = 2 points Loss = 0 points Tie = 1 point (b) In the event it is necessary to break a tie between teams with the identical overall point total, the following rules will apply: (1) First tie-breaker is head-to-head competition (win/loss basis). (2) If a tie exists, head-to-head competition (based on game points) (3) If still tied, overall record within the division (only applies if both teams are in the same division) (4) If still tied, overall game points within the division (only applies if teams are in the same division) (5) If still tied, overall game points in the league for that season. Section 3: Finals: The finals will include 3 champions. There will be a League champion from Conference A, B and C. The finals will be held at a neutral site to be determined by the Board. Revised 09/11/14
ARTICLE 8: AWARDS AND TROPHIES: Individual trophies and awards will be awarded according to funds available in the league treasury and at the discretion of the board. Team captains will be given the final stats and will have 24 hours to verify the stats and request any changes to them. After that period the stats will become final. The league will award the top 10 in each category at the end of the season. Statisticians will be responsible for listing the top ten during the season. Amended 09/11/14
ARTICLE 9: TEAMS WITHDRAWING: A team shall automatically be withdrawn from the league if it forfeits three times during the season and will not participate in any league functions. All moneys will be forfeited.
ARTICLE 10: STATISTICIANS: (a) Will be appointed by the League President, with the recommendation by the sitting board. (d) Season statisticians will be paid in accordance with budget funds. (e) Statisticians cannot do the stats for the division they play in, unless approved by the sitting
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